At Dancing Grain Farm Brewery (DGFB), we emphasize the importance of sustainable farming to generate healthy crops that make great beer! DGFB’s beer recipes are built on the bounty we harvest straight from our fields. Due to the seasonality of ingredients, DGFB’s beer list is constantly changing. Stop by and taste what makes us different, from our ground-to-your-glass!



Cream Ale  | 4.8% ABV

Now, back on tap!  A classic American ale brewed with all New York State grown ingredients, Cream of the Crop is sure to be your summer go-to. Combining Dancing Grain’s own 6-row barley and corn with fresh NY Cascade hops, we created this beer with the farmer in mind! Straight from the field to your glass, this beer is our go-to thirst quencher on hot summer days! Pouring pale yellow with a bright white head, expect subtle citrus and floral notes with a sweet corn flake finish.


Double IPA | 7.8% ABV

Pull up a chair and lean in! Spinning Tales is our latest IPA – and it’s a DOUBLE! This one is full-bodied with a strong aroma of ripe mango, fresh pineapple and papaya. A little sweet, very tropical, and smoother than a 7.8% beer should be, this one will have you telling stories to anyone you meet.


Hazy IPA | 6.2% ABV

Brewed with DGFB grown 6-row barley and NY State wheat and oats, Kandy Krush is a fresh IPA that will have your taste buds popping! Kandy Krush pours a bright hazy yellow with a fluffy white head.  Carefully selected hops create a big aroma of ripe mango, citrus zest, and peach ring candy. Delightfully smooth Kandy Krush presents a clean full body while still being light on the pallet. The flavor of sweet citrus carries through each sip leaving a zingy finish reminiscent of orange soda.


Saison | 7.5% ABV

Brewed with farm grown 6-row barley and NY state malted wheat Harvest Sun pours a warm orange color with a firm white head. An aroma of fig and notes of black pepper and all spice and a dry finish, Harvest sun is a perfect beer for the changing seasons.  Warm your soul for the cool months ahead.  A light body and dry finish make this Saison a delightful pour.


Chocolate Mint Stout | 7.0% ABV

Good Omen is a special brew sure to bring you good fortunes for months to come.  Brewed with our farm grown 6 Row barley and a variety of specialty malts this beer pours black with a creamy off white head.  Thanks to our special addition of Chocolate Mint, Good Omen has a sweet mint aroma that lifts your senses.  A fruity, herbal sweetness reminiscent of cola and chocolate covered cherries washes over the pallet finishing with a delicate roast flavor. At 7.0% abv, Good Omen offers a gentle warmth on these cooler nights!


Pale Ale | 4.5% ABV

Brewed with farm grown barley and heaps of New York State wheat and oats this light and drinkable pale ale is perfectly balanced against its big hoppy punch.  Dry hopped with two of our favourite varieties expect big notes lime zest, pineapple, and tropical fruit balanced by a gentle bitterness to help refresh the palate after every sip.  At 4.5% ABV this all day drinker never gets old.


Farmhouse | 4.6% ABV

Drawing on the farmhouse brewing traditions of Norway with a distinctly New York State approach, this light and expressive farmhouse ale is the best of both worlds. This beer is best enjoyed over lively conversation with friends and family, old and new. Pouring light peach with an off-white head, this beer harnesses the power of Kveik yeast to produce a deliciously complex profile with stone fruit aromas and tropical notes that complement the citrus-forward flavor of our favorite New York State hops. Conditioned on over 150 lbs of currants and cherries, Currant Situation is the perfect beer for the unusual upstate New York Weather!


Kentucky Common | 4.6% ABV

The Kentucky Common is the only historic beer style to have origins in the United States. Produced in Louisville, KY from just after the Civil War until prohibition, the Kentucky Common made use of local ingredients and caramel malts to create a light refreshing beer with a touch of malt flavor.

The Saratoga Standard is our interpretation of this American classic. Using DGFB grown 6-row barley and corn along with NY state hops, this beer keeps the tradition of using strictly local ingredients alive!  Saratoga Standard pours a warm amber color with a firm off white head. A lightly floral hop aroma blends into the malt forward character of the beer with notes of biscuit and toffee.  The light body helps to keep the beer crisp and easy drinking but with a little sweetness for the colder months that have officially arrived.


Kolsch | 5.3% ABV

Ground Rules is our ode to the brewing tradition of Cologne Germany, the city from which the Kolsch originates. First brewed as an alternative to the pale lagers that were all the rage in Germany in the 1800’s, the Kolsch makes use of top fermenting ale yeast but is stored cold, like a lager, and is accented by hops creating a brew as unique the city it comes from. This beer pours pale gold in color with a delicate fluffy white head.  Ground Rules presents a pleasantly subtle noble hop aroma of herbal spice that balances well against the slightly sweet and lightly bitter flavors that come through every sip. Ground Rules is crisp and easy drinker making it perfect for any occasion, but definitely on a bright sunny day like today!


Fruited Kettle SOur | 5.5% ABV

Another beautiful, fruited kettle sour making use of over 150 lbs of fresh whole plums, Plumb Dandy presents with a big aroma of fresh plum preserves.  You’ll think you’ve bitten into a recently ripened sour plum.  This light, juicy, gently acidic kettle sour pours salmon pink in color with a dense baby pink head.  Just in time to celebrate the holidays, this beer will give you visions of Plum Dandies dancing in your heads!


Porter | 6.5% ABV

Night Calls pours dark brown to black with a light off white head. The aroma of dark stone fruit and light roast coffee are complemented by flavors of raisin and bittersweet chocolate.  A smooth and drinkable beer with a slightly sweet finish.  Easy drinking to warm your soul as the weather turns cold


Fruited Grape Kettle Sour | 5.5% ABV

Faux-sé pours a deep magenta with a light pink head.  Smelling like a delicate NY rosé, don’t be fooled, Faux-sé is beer all the way!  Brewed with farm grown barley and our preferred souring culture, expect a light bodied beer with a gentle tartness and undeniable grape flavor.



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