At Dancing Grain Farm Brewery (DGFB), we emphasize the importance of sustainable farming to generate healthy crops that make great beer! DGFB’s beer recipes are built on the bounty we harvest straight from our fields. Due to the seasonality of ingredients, DGFB’s beer list is constantly changing. Stop by and taste what makes us different, from our ground-to-your-glass!



Cream Ale  | 4.8% ABV

Now, back on tap!  A classic American ale brewed with all New York State grown ingredients, Cream of the Crop is sure to be your summer go-to. Combining Dancing Grain’s own 6-row barley and corn with fresh NY Cascade hops, we created this beer with the farmer in mind! Straight from the field to your glass, this beer is our go-to thirst quencher on hot summer days! Pouring pale yellow with a bright white head, expect subtle citrus and floral notes with a sweet corn flake finish.


Hazy IPA | 6.4% ABV

Kandy Krush pours a bright hazy yellow with a stiff white head. Brewed with our 6-row barley, NYS wheat and oats, Kandy Krush won’t disappoint in this rapidly changing weekend weather! Expect big tropical aromas of mango, citrus zest, and the signature peach ring candies! Delightfully smooth, medium bitterness, and full body while being light on the pallet.


Lilac Blonde | 5.8% ABV

Help us welcome the next blonde ale to the family and, yes, we added flowers into this brew too! Making use of an abundance of early blooming lilacs, Pan’s Pipes has all the classic biscuity flavors you’d expect complemented by floral aromas from a whirlpool addition of lilacs. We didn’t stop there and added a peck of lilacs to the fermenter too! Incredibly light and crisp, we love this blonde one bushel and a peck!

Hi Love Yu!

Yuzu Hibiscus Sour IPA | 6.4% ABV

***Hitting taps on June !***

Seriously, this beer is all the rage. The perfect combination of fruited kettle sour meets IPA, is there any way to go wrong with this beer?? Dark pink, almost ruby red in color from our dry hop addition of 2 lbs of hibiscus flowers, expect a floral aroma augmented by Yuzu, grapefruit and berry! We soured this beer with a local yogurt culture, whose name we won’t mention, and procured yuzu from the west coast while we wait patiently for strawberries to ripen fir use in our next kettle sour.

Why Yuzu, you ask? Because you can’t get it regularly and because it has the most beautifully indescribable citrus aroma and flavor you’ll ever encounter – literally.

Mosaic hops were used to bring forward an earthy bitterness to round out the sweet and sour notes of this beer. Incredibly balanced tartness with a dry but, as expected, smooth mouthfeel and finish. No bitterness left behind.


American Pilsner | 5.3% ABV

Tractor Time American Pilsner 5.3% has been one of the most well received, non-IPA brews we’ve produced.  So much so that we scaled that recipe to keep it coming back all summer long.  Expect fruity and malty aromas and flavors. Slightly sweet with a smooth mouthfeel, and continuously refreshing! Tis the season for all things tractors and field work!


NEIPA | 7.6% ABV

Stan Lee was brewed with 100% NYS grown ingredients! Straw yellow in color and HAZZYYY, don’t expect to get much done after this visit because Stan Lee  will make you lazzzyyyyy 🙂 Coming in at 7.6% abv, drink Stan slow, and steady, find a hammock, lay down. Enjoy the weather.

The Stan Lee packs a seriously fruity punch of papaya and mango. It’s slightly sweet with a very smooth mouthfeel. Bright white, stiff and fluffy head. To-go crowlers by request only.


Kentucky Common | 4.6% ABV

The Kentucky Common is the only historic beer style to have origins in the United States. Produced in Louisville, KY from just after the Civil War until prohibition, the Kentucky Common made use of local ingredients and caramel malts to create a light refreshing beer with a touch of malt flavor.

The Saratoga Standard is our interpretation of this American classic. Using DGFB grown 6-row barley and corn along with NY state hops, this beer keeps the tradition of using strictly local ingredients alive!  Saratoga Standard pours a warm amber color with a firm off white head. A lightly floral hop aroma blends into the malt forward character of the beer with notes of biscuit and toffee!


Lime Gose | 4.3% ABV

This Lime Gose is inspired by one of our favorite celebrations – Cinco de Mayo! Made with @valleymalt Girl Power Pilsner grown by yours truly, this subtly tart Gose combines lime zest and pink Himalayan sea salt to bring a margarita themed beer to our taps for the Cinco de Mayo weekend! Pouring a straw hood color with a bright white head, expect citrus and lime forward notes l, balanced acidity, and a tinge of sweetness that goes down smoooootheee.


Kolsch | 5.3% ABV

Ground Rules is our ode to the brewing tradition of Cologne Germany, the city from which the Kolsch originates. First brewed as an alternative to the pale lagers that were all the rage in Germany in the 1800’s, the Kolsch makes use of top fermenting ale yeast but is stored cold, like a lager, and is accented by hops creating a brew as unique the city it comes from. This beer pours pale gold in color with a delicate fluffy white head.  Ground Rules presents a pleasantly subtle noble hop aroma of herbal spice that balances well against the slightly sweet and lightly bitter flavors that come through every sip. Ground Rules is a crisp and easy drinker making it perfect for any occasion, but definitely on a bright sunny!


Pale Ale | 5.5% ABV

Pouring a coppery gold color with a soft white head, expect slight bitterness from our classic old school hop additions. Pine and citrus forward notes but balanced with a light sweetness and smooth mouthfeel. Finishes clean, no lingering on your pallet here. As always, brewed with our own home-grown malting barley, the perfect beer when you want more than one!


Dark Lager | 5.5% ABV

Smoke n Mirrors is a dark lager, pouring a deep chocolate color with a hazelnut head.  Expect roasty toasty notes and flavors of nutty bread, coffee, dark chocolate and cocoa powder from the specialty malts used in this recipes  including chocolate rye and biscuit. Complementing those toasty notes is a noble hop aroma from our Saaz dry hop addition. Finishing dry at 4.8%.


Belgium Wit | 5.8% ABV

This Belgian Specialty Ale brewed with our first batch of farm grown 2-row barley called Violeta harvested almost 1 year ago and malted by Subversive in the Catskills! Pale straw in color with a silky bright white head. Expect aromatics and flavors consisting of clove, lemon, and white wine from a dry hop addition and lemon zest. The perfect porch beer!



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