At Dancing Grain Farm Brewery (DGFB), we emphasize the importance of sustainable farming to generate healthy crops that make great beer! DGFB’s beer recipes are built on the bounty we harvest straight from our fields. Due to the seasonality of ingredients, DGFB’s beer list is constantly changing. Stop by and taste what makes us different, from our ground-to-your-glass!



Cream Ale  | 4.3% ABV

The original DG cream ale recipe is back!  Barley and yellow corn straight from our fields.  Cascades hops from NYS growers – grab a bucket, flip it over, drink like a farmer – you deserve it! Pouring pale yellow with a bright white head, expect subtle citrus and floral notes with a sweet corn flake finish.


Hazy IPA | 6.4% ABV

Kandy Krush pours a bright hazy yellow with a stiff white head. Brewed with our 6-row barley, NYS wheat and oats, Kandy Krush won’t disappoint in this rapidly changing weekend weather! Expect big tropical aromas of mango, citrus zest, and the signature peach ring candies! Delightfully smooth, medium bitterness, and full body while being light on the pallet.


American Pilsner | 5.3% ABV

Tractor Time will return the week of 9/5! Our fan favorite – an all American Pilsner!  Expect fruity and malty aromas and flavors. Slightly sweet with a smooth mouthfeel, and continuously refreshing! The perfect beer for #brewsandviews after a long week. Check out Tractor Time in our taproom and catch a glimpse of us working the fields!


Pale Ale | 5.5% ABV

Let the sunshine reign!  Just in time for our sunflowers to show their sunny faces 🙂  Enjoy this brand new citrusy, fruity IPA!  Fermented with a special Belgian yeast, expect phenolic undertones.  Reigning Sunshine pours a hazy pale yellow with a bright white head.  Ask for a shot of one of our fruit infusions and get the craft beer of your dreams!


Amber Ale | 6.0% ABV

Making use of our estate grown malting barley, Beir Zeit has a malt forward flavor with bread and biscuit aromas. Noble German hops were used to balance the malt bill and bring just the lightest bitterness to the back of your palette. Aromas of floral and spices round out the senses in this one. Pouring a bright gold color and clear, with a soft white head. Smooth, easy drinker. But don’t be fooled! She clocks in at 7.0%!


Spiced English Strong Ale | 7.4% ABV

Need a little luck?  Grab a Jammy Mate!
British slang for someone who is consistently on the right side of good fortune!
This beer is designed to fit perfectly into fall and winter, especially for your holiday table! It pours an orangish brown color with a stiff foamy white head.  Aromatics and flavors of cinnamon, ginger, allspice and nutmeg are nicely balanced with the fruity esters contributed by the unique English yeast strain used to ferment this brew. A very special beer for this time of year – share, generously!


American Stout | 5.2% ABV

One of the more complex offerings here at DG, our all-American Stout hits taps on Friday, 9/8!  Very dark in color fading to ruby red on the edge, off-white creamy head.  Aromatics and flavors of chocolate, coffee, and notes of dark fruit pair with a very VERY Smooth creamy finish makes Lady Liberty a dark-beer-lovers “must have.”


Porter | 6.0% ABV

Pouring dark brown with a hint of garnet and a creamy cafe au lait head, expect aromas and flavors of toffee, chocolate, and lightly roasted coffee. Smooth creamy finish! True to style, this porter is sure to please any dark beer lover!


Blonde Ale with Chamomile | 5.0% ABV

Brewed using our farm grown 2 Row barley and malted wheat this light bodied ale is easy drinking with a subtle complexity that will keep you coming back for more. Made using a heaping dose of chamomile from our healing herbs garden, Gambler’s Love has a delicate herbal aroma and the slightly sweet finish of a cozy cup of chamomile tea. Light, refreshing, and infinitely drinkable.


Imperial Stout | 9.0% ABV

This very special, very flavorful, incredibly indulgent imperial chocolate stout pours jet black in color with light hues of garnet around the edges of our contoured glasses. This complex and roasty brew has aromatics and flavors of dark chocolate and seasonal dark fruits – figs, dates, and raisins. Expect vanilla notes and even a hint of marshmallow!

Expect a gentle warming as it is sipped, thanks to the 9.0% abv. Perfect for crisp winter nights with friends around a fire.  Available on draft, in 4-packs, and by crowler. Share responsibly!


Grape Kettle Sour | 5.8% ABV

Let us re-introduce our fall-time annual tradition – our grape kettle sour – the Faux-sé!  Not a fan of beer?  Try this one!  Over 150 lbs of sun-ripened wine grapes from our friends  at Ives Hollow Vineyard were pressed and pitched into this new brew.  This beer pours a deep magenta with a soft light white head.  Flavors and aromas of rosé, don’t be fooled – this is a beer all the way!


Double IPA | 8.6%

As vibrant as the autumn sunset!  Bright orange with a stiff white head. Aromas of stone fruit and citrus.  Balanced bitterness makes the juiciness of this beer pop! Oh, so smooth for nearly 9.0% beer!


Vienna Lager | 5.0% ABV

We named this brew after Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 – the most influential piece of music ever written, and to this day, one of the most popular songs still in existence. Beethoven may have been mostly deaf when he wrote Symphony No. 5 but that didn’t mean he couldn’t hear the world around him.

Revolutionary in its design, the Fifth Symphony takes us on an excursion from a stormy and turbulent C minor first movement to the triumphant finale in C major, not unlike DG’s early beginnings. Beethoven was quoted years later saying “Many assert that every minor piece must end in the minor. Negro! On the contrary, I find that… the major has a glorious effect. Joy follows sorrow, sunshine-rain.”

Originally dedicated to Napoleon, who Beethoven admired in his fight against the Aristocracy, Beethoven dedicated Symphony No. 5 to the “Memory of a great man,” after Napoleon crowned himself emperor of France in 1804.

Turn up the fire pits for this one – Just like Beethoven’s No. 5, Opus 67 is some of the best DG has brought you! This Vienna Lager pours a light orangish amber color. Malt is the star of this traditional offering, contributing to its complex yet elegantly balanced flavors of lightly toasted bread, and a hint of chocolate balanced with noble hop bitterness. Slightly dry with a medium body paired with a gentle creaminess makes this a great beer to enjoy by the fire.


Specialty Belgian Strong Ale | 8.4% ABV

Duffy’s Beerd is a Specialty Belgian Strong Ale – selected special for the Christmas holiday and winter in general. This beer was designed to embody the Belgian spirit of brewing, while reminding you exactly what time of year it is. Reddish amber in color, with notes of honey, star anise, clove, brown sugar, and a slight citrus tinge from an addition of orange zest. High in ABV, and perfect to enjoy by the fire while waiting for both Beglian Santas to arrive!

One or our most popular new brews – we are now sold out in 4-packs!  Available to order online (or in the taproom) are our 32-oz crowler cans.  Or grab a pint on your next visit!



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